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The SDF Public Access UNIX System

what i think about the SDF stuff : thank you SDF

Code is Law - BiTS - ARTE
rfc 7754 Technical Considerations for Internet Service Blocking and Filtering
... source :

did test a few thousands dnss to see what they have to say about
resolv -- most common first -- 2017.10.22
country of the dnss resolving -- most common first -- 2017.10.22

memo (fix it)

now, most dnss repond with nxdomain, serverfail, or such very useful info.
between the 15 jan 2018 and the 17 jan 2018 "reliable" dnss in korea, moldova,... just forgot the pirate.stuff

(get info on the cause else do timing test to determine if some cool dpi is involved)
(it's probably not very easy to pay to renew a fuly qualified domain name that is more or less illegal)

the ip is still there, in The cloud (echo reply)
but some (upstream)isp just drop any kind of request for the evil ip address (not a dns stuff) ( 2.156 ms !H * 0.658 ms !H